Family Island Parish placement: The Pro-Cathedral- Christ the King

My placing at The Pro-Cathedral of Christ the King was quite impressive. The adoption of a new church culture and assuredly the environment in which it resides, was very engaging. My observances of the Parish include:

            The Parish is truly pastorally centered. Each day during the week,the Priests and myself visited not solely the confined or members of the parish. However, we visited those who were well and those who lived around the neighborhood. Their visitation and distribution of goods was not restricted to church going folks, but individuals who were in need and sought support. This method I believe is quite notable in that it conveys that ministry is, people-centered or as Christopher Cocksworth states, “Being for the other."

            An additional observation while serving in the parish was that the Rector and Assistant Curate has a pleasant relationship. Seeing them both work together as a team was truly motivational. Collaboration is essential, and we must be prepared to, as clergyman and prospective clergyman not only to bring the best out of the congregations, to which we have been appointed, but we must bring the best out of one another as spiritual leaders.

            Moreover, Archdeacon Bain and Fr. Adderley concentrate considerably on teaching. The members of the congregation appear to have some knowledge of the Christian and Anglican faith. I consider that we as a Diocese need to concentrate further on teaching to empower and equip our people to have a firm base in the faith. Without teaching, the minds of our people can be swept to and fro by any wind of doctrine. For that reason, it is our responsibility to educate and influence the minds of our communities and by our teaching they should be strengthened, modified and motivated for ministry.

            In the aforementioned features of ministry I noted at Christ the King Parish, they all have confronted my view of Priesthood and ministry in itself. My placement there encouraged me to recognize that ministry and Priesthood is about people and if we as clergyman are not people propelled then we are defeating the purpose of its existence.

Posted on August 25, 2014 .