April 2014 Journal

Dear Parish,

                One day in class we discussed worship and our understanding thereof.  There were a few definitions that were discussed.  However, I subscribed to only one of the few, even though all of them are basically centered on one main thought; the fact that worship begins and ends with God. George Florovsky of the Orthodox movement states, “Christian worship is primarily and essentially an act of praise and adoration, which also implies a thankful acknowledgement of God’s embracing Love and redemptive loving kindness.” Christian worship definition also depends on the environmental determinants of the one who is interpreting.  The Present circumstance indicates that the form of Christian worship states enough about a person's spirituality. An unidentified expert states “lex orandi, lex Credendi” which translates, as we worship so will we live.  I define Christian worship as the capacity to recognize God and the ability to respond to such a presence.

Awareness and response. Everything in life has to do with awareness and response.  It is the human tendency to leave out the latter part of the indicated as it pertains to the Christian Journey. The latter part being living a life of worship. Most Christians believe that worship is just going to church on a specific day and saying a few prayers and singing one or two hymns and they are granted salvation. Florovsky reminds us that it is more than that, it is about responding to God’s presence by living a life of worship. An anonymous author says, “Sometimes the only gospel people see is you!”  Therefore as it relates to my understanding of worship, Florovsky challenged my life, he caused me to reflect and ask myself this question...am I responding to God’s presence everywhere by living a life of worship?

This question is what is facing me in Codrington at the moment and it is indeed a question that we all must ask ourselves as servants of God. The semester is going rather quickly, I guess it is because of the amount of work that has to be done. The 28th of this month is when classes will end. I feel excited, I feel relieved and I feel thankful to God for bringing me through another semester of learning and spiritual formation.

Along with the above Journal was a request from Dave to the Parish, contents of the email:

Sorry about the delay in the journal entries as I am preparing for my examinations.  I am also emailing because i am seeking Financial assistance with the purchase of a bag for my travels back home on the May 23rd and also for a white Alb which the bishop indicated we need to get. What happens in the college is that during the summer breaks , Codrington facilitates retreats and the members of the retreats tend to stay in our rooms because they come from abroad. Therefore, when we leave for the summer break we have to pack up our possessions and place them all in one room. All of my stuff have taken up all 3 of my bags. Hence, I need an additional one to travel with back home. 
On the other hand, the attire in our diocese for seminarians at official services is a white Alb and a black cincture band. I already have obtained a black cincture band, I am just in need of an Alb. I find that the price to obtain them here is much cheaper than home and in the U.S.

The price for bag- $70 U.S
The price for alb- $200 U.S( The material- 5 yards of Gabedine white- $80 U.S, The tailoring $120 U.S)

Thanks, I would really appreciate your assistance.
With a thankful Spirit, and a growing Heart
Dave D. Thomas

Posted on April 30, 2014 .