Rector/Vestry Chairperson

Priest's Warden

People's Warden

Catechist - St. Patrick's Church

Catechist - St. Agnes Church

Catechist - St. Margaret's Church

Fr. Ivan (Tim) Eldon

Arthur Turnquest

Arthur Bethel [2015-2017]

Eric Johnson




Congregational Council Members

St. Patrick's Church

Kirk Griffin 

Susanne Knowles 

Gail Griffin 

Vernal Bethel

St. Agnes Church

Patsy Charlow 

Kaynell Scavella 

Emma Turnquest 

Whitney Albury 

St. Margaret's Church

Mavis Cartwright 

Margaret Symonette 

Dorothy Rahming 

Madlene Rolle 

Ex-Officio Vestry Members

Altar Servers' Guild President - Arthur Turnquest

A.C.W. President - Gail Griffin

Vestry Treasurer - Demetrius Johnson

Assistant Treasurer - Brian Hanna

Parish Hall Chairperson - Demetrius Johnson

Grounds Ministry - Al Curry

Social Outrreach - Sandra Young

Church Fair - Arthur Bethel

Synod Lay Representative - Sean Carlow


Sunday School Superintendent - Camilla Adair

A.C.M. President - Deon Johnson

Vestry Secretary - Beatrice Hepburn

Assistant Secretary - Melinda Pratt

Building/Renovations Chairperson - Byron Rolle

Public Relations Officer - Sean Charlow

Usher Board President - Kayla Bethel

Christian Youth - Inactive

Synod Lay Representative - Arthur Turnquest


Diocese of The Bahamas & The Turks and Caicos Islands 

          Archbishop of The West Indies     -     The Most Rev. Dr. John Holder

          Diocesan Bishop                            -     The Right Rev. Laish Boyd

          Assistant Bishops                           -    The Most Rev. Drexel Gomez (Retired)

                                                                  -    The Right Rev. Gilbert Thompson (Retired)

          Archdeacon                                   -    The Ven. Kingsley Knowles (East Cen. Bahamas)