Church school  meets each Sunday at 9:30 AM in the Parish Hall at St. Patrick's Church, and is open to children ages 4-12.  Adult volunteers lead the children in song, prayer, crafts, bible study and provide snacks. 

          Youth Sunday Performance 7-June 2015

                Ms. Camilla's Sunday School Class

                Ms. Camilla's Sunday School Class

                           Pentecost Sunday 2015

Birthday of the Church - Pentecost Sunday 24th May 2015

Sunday School 2015 New Year / Epiphany Party

Our menu consisted of: Pizza, pop-corn, cupcake, grapes, oranges, water and Caprisun sip-its.  After opening up in prayer, we had a brief 'put together a pizza' demonstration, where the children went through the ingredients and tools necessary to make a pizza. They then assisted with various stages of making the pizza up to taking the ready pizzas to the kitchen.  We played musical chairs until the pizza's were finished.  We then ate ended the party with a few other games and a farewell party bag.  Nearing the end of our meal, Father Brennen came over to give the children their Blessings.