St. Margaret's Church is located in Savannah Sound, Eleuthera.  The original church was consecrated on 27th May, 1887.  First services were held after completion of the church on 22nd July, 1887.  In 1935 the church was rebuilt by Bishop Knowles  and consecrated in 1937 (the original church having been destroyed by a hurricane).


Schecule of Services:

Holy Eucharist             1st, 2nd, 3rd Sundays      4:00 PM

Holy Eucharist             4th Sunday                       8:00 AM

Pastoral Visits              Thursday                          4:30 PM



Organist                      Dorothy Rahming


St. Margaret of Antioch


One legend understood mystically by the medieval Church relates that this saint, when under persecution, was confronted by a dragon (Satan) which devoured her, but the cross she carried in her hand so irritated his throat that he was forced to disgorge her (therefore she is the patroness of childbirth). The next day, attempts were made to execute her by fire and then by drowning, but she was miraculously saved and converted thousands of spectators witnessing her ordeal - all of whom were promptly executed.  Finally she was beheaded in 304 A.D.   St. Margaret's Church celebrates its Patronal Festival on the Sunday closest to the 20th July.