St. Agnes Church, consecrated on November 11, 1890, is located in Gregory Town, Eleuthera.


Schedule of Services:

Holy Eucharist            1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays       8:00 AM

Holy Eucharist            4th Sunday                              3:00 PM

Pastoral Visits             Wednesday                             4:00 PM

Bible Study                 Wednesday                             7:00 PM

Servers' Practice         Saturday                               11:00 AM


Organist                       Kevin Cambridge


Saint Agnes


The patron saint, Agnes, was a young girl who refused to abandon her practice of the Christian faith and therefore suffered death at the time of the Diocletion persecution.   Agnes is depicted in art with a lamb, as her name resembles the Latin word for "lamb", agnus. The name "Agnes" is actually derived from the feminine Greek adjective "hagnē"  meaning "chaste, pure, sacred".  St. Agnes Church celebrates its Patronal Festival on the Sunday nearest to the 21st January.