February 2014 Journal

Dear Parish,

During this month of February I have remained notably busy; the work is as if it doesn’t desire to end. As I have asserted in the preceding update, we are enrolled in 11 courses this term, six pastoral and five academic. The titles of these subjects and the instructors are tabulated beneath

N.T Literature- Fr. Trevor Oneil

O. T Literature- Fr. John Rogers

Systematic Theology 2- Fr. Julian Campbell(Native of the Bahamas)

Foundamentals of Christian Ministry- Rev. Beverly Knight

Pastoral Counselling- Dr. Henrick Ellis

Evangelism 2- Fitz Burrows

Homiletics 2- Rev. Canon Devere Murrel

First Aid- Dr. Henrick Ellis

HIV & AIDS- Dr. Henrick Ellis

Pastoral Counselling- Dr. Henrick Ellis

Canon Law- Mary Haynes


            The scholarly courses are recorded as the initial five, and the remains are the pastoral courses. The Present courses are identified as such because the academic subjects are those that we have to complete for the B.A. in Theology. On the other hand, the pastorals are those submitted by Codrington College for our Diploma in Pastoral Studies.

           This semester is perceived to be the most intense semester.  I have been ill for at least 12 days, owing to the appearance of mold in our bedrooms. Please be reassured that measures are being considered to refurbish entirely all structures which consist of the indicated. Furthermore, from the leakage of the ceiling in my room, water have gotten into my Laptop; hence I am in the process of buying a brand new one.  Although this month has been furnished with countless challenges, I proceed to press on because of the prayers of men like you.  Continue to petition for us seminarians, that we may prevail strong and staunch in the service of God and be persistent stewards in his vineyard.  Also, Continue to pray that God will continue to raise up humanities Fit for the work of ministry in His Church. 

            May God uphold to bless you and yours as you proceed to bless others.


With a Ever Grateful Heart,

Seminarian Dave D. Thomas

Posted on February 28, 2014 .