The Social Outreach Ministry, whose Mission is “Reaching people, touching lives through Christ”, reaches out to those in our parish and community who are in need, which may be spiritual, financial, or illness.
The Social Outreach Ministry was reactivated in the summer of 2013 by parish members whose love and concern for our brothers and sisters, who are experiencing difficult times and wanted to help them through those times and the belief that we are our brother’s keepers. “This ministry has also given us the joy of being ministered to, because most of the time when we go to persons’ homes to minister to them, when they in fact minister to us.” (Arthur Bethel)

The Ministry breaks into teams of 4-6 members who visit those in need. The visits are usually 20-30 minutes and consist of opening with hugs and a hymn, which the person or family being visited can suggest a favorite hymn. The individuals from the team take turns doing the suggested Bible readings for that day, which is followed by conservation in which we encourage the person or family being visited to talk about whatever they would like to or need to discuss.


Before leaving a care package is left for the family, the items that are typically distributed are listed below. Some packages are customized to address specific needs. Currently the parish is visiting and distributing to approximately 25 families in need throughout the Parish, Gregory Town to Governor’s Harbour to Savannah Sound, on a monthly basis.

Items Needed for Food Distribution:

Rice, Grits, Sugar, Cream of Wheat

Oats, Cream, Canned Corn, Cup Noodles

Flour, Hand Towels, Toilet Tissue


Spaghetti, Canned Tuna, Corned Beef

Sardines, Canned Green Beans, Beets

Soaps, Deodorants, Dettol, Rubbing Alcohol



Members of the Parish are encouraged to support this Ministry by bringing items to the church and placing them in a bin in the Baptistery, the entry to the Church. Individuals or families who feel called to commit to donating a case item on a monthly basis are asked to contact Sandra Young at 422-9396.

Our Ministry is open to all parish members, if you would like to become a part of the Social Outreach Ministry, please contact Arthur Bethel or any member of the Ministry if you would like to participate.

"Reaching People, Touching Lives Through Christ"