From darkness and death to light and life Matthew 4:12-23

Do you know the joy and freedom of the good news of the kingdom of God? John the Baptist's enemies had sought to silence him, but the good news of God's kingdom of salvation cannot be silenced. As soon as John had finished his testimony, Jesus began his in Galilee. Galilee was at the crossroads of the world and much traffic passed through this little region. Jesus begins the proclamation of the Gospel here to fulfill the word of God. The Old Testament prophets spoke of God's promise to send a re deemer who would establish God's rule. That time is now fulfilled in Je­sus who brings the light and truth of the Gospel to the world. The "good news" brings peace, hope, truth, promise, immortality, and salvation. Jesus takes up John's message of repentance and calls his hearers to believe in the good news he has come to deliver. What is the good news which Jesus brings? It is the good news of peace - the Lord comes to reconcile and restore us to friendship with God. The good news of hope - the Lord comes to dwell with us and to give us a home with him in his heav­enly kingdom. The good news of truth - the Lord Jesus sets us free from the lies and deception of Satan and opens our mind to understand the truth and revelation of God's word. The good news of promise - Jesus fulfills the promise of God to reward those who seek him with the treas­ure of heaven. The good news of immortality - Jesus overcomes sin and death for us in order to raise our lowly bodies to be like his glorious body which will never die again. And the good news of salvation - the Lord Jesus delivers us from every fear, every sin, and every obstacle that would keep us from entering his everlasting kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy. The Gospel is the power and the wisdom of God - both power to change and transform our lives and wisdom to show us how to live as sons and daughters of our Father in heaven. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Lord makes it possible for us to receive his word with faith and to act upon it with trust and obedience. Do you want to grow in the knowledge of God's love and truth? Ask the Holy Spirit to renew in you the gift of faith, the love of wisdom, and the heart of a disciple who desires to follow the Lord Jesus and his will for your life.

Posted on January 22, 2017 .