Jesus Transfigured: Luke 9:28-36

God wants to share his glory with us!  We get a glimpse of this when the disciples see Jesus transfigured in glory on the mountain.  Luke’s account tells us that Jesus’ face changed in appearance and his clothing became dazzling white.  When Moses met with God on Mount Sinai, the skin of his face shonebecause he had been talking with God.  Paul says that the Israelites could not look at Moses’ face because of its brightness.  In this case, Jesus appeared in glory with Moses, the great lawgiver of Israel, and with Elijah, the greatest of the prophets, in the presence of three of his beloved apostles.  What is the significance of this mysterious appearance?  Jesus went to the mountain knowing full well what awaited him in Jerusalem, his betrayal, rejection and crucifixion.  Jesus very likely discussed this important decision to go to the cross with Moses and Elijah.  God, the Father, also spoke with Jesus and gave his approval:  This is my beloved Son; listen to him.  The cloud which overshadowed Jesus and his apostles fulfilled the dream of the Jews that, when the Messiah came, the cloud of God’s presence would fill the temple again.  How much do we miss of God’s glory and action because we are asleep spiritually?  There are many things which can keep our minds asleep to the things of God, laziness can keep us from thinking things through and facing our doubts and questions. The life of no difficulty can also hinder us from considering the demands of Christ.  Prejudice can make us blind to something new the Lord may have for us.  Even sorrow can be a block until we can see past it to the glory of God.  Are you spiritually awake?  Peter, James, and John were privileged witnesses of the glory of Christ.  We, too, as Disciples of Christ are called to be witnesses of his glory.  The Lord wants to reveal his glory to us, his beloved disciples.  Do you seek his presence with faith and reverence?

Posted on August 7, 2016 .