"Come, Follow Me" St. Matthew 9:9-13

In the Gospel according to Matthew, it is said that Matthew was seated in the custom house when Jesus said to him, "follow me.”  He arose and followed, leaving a traditionally dishonest job to become an instant disciple of Jesus. As someone has said, "he lost a comfortable job, but he found a future. He lost a good income, but he found honour. He lost a comfortable security, but he found an adventure, the like of which he had never dreamed.”  The least among his rewards was that he became one of the twelve and was honoured to write the Gospel which bears his name. Jesus' call to Matthew was simple, but the call was a powerful one and Matthew answered quickly as he heard the Lord say "Come follow me".  The greatest life we can live is a life dedicated to Christ.  It is so very sad to see many, who will hear the call, just as Matthew did, and then they will not rise and follow Him. How many blessings do we miss? How far will we stray before turning back to God? Matthew was so very grateful for the call of God upon his life; He prepared a great feast in honour of the Lord and his disciples. The problem was that the only friends that Matthew could invite were in the same social circle as he was. They were all considered "outsiders", sinners and traitors for they were the only Jews who would even associate themselves with the likes of Matthew, the Tax Collector. The Master's call comes to ordinary people who are engaged in the busyness of life. It is a call to follow Jesus and to become what He desires us to be. He will give us the grace.  It is a call that supersedes all earthly ties, occupations, material possessions , family and friends. And it is based on the authority of the risen Christ, who is Lord of all. But, knowing about this is not enough.  If Jesus were simply a good man, or a good teacher, or a prophet, or priest, we might have reason to hesitate, but He is the Lord and that leaves us no choice but to obey. You see, following Jesus does not merely mean believing certain facts about Him. It is being so thoroughly convinced of those facts and so thoroughly committed to them that we obey, that we place our lives in His hands and trust Him with our welfare and fu­ture. Are you willing to trust Jesus with your life? To trust Christ with our lives means that we put our lives in His hands by our actions. To follow Christ means, we live for Him. The call goes forth in the authority and power of Jesus Christ. Our response can only be obedience. God is calling all of us. He is calling us not just to follow Him, He is also calling us to do and say particular things at particular times. He is calling us to walk a particular path with Him, a path that is similar to, but not identical to the path of all the disciples, apostles and saints before us. God has a plan for you. God seeks to guide you and that call is personal. God calls us for a purpose, a good purpose; He calls us to come to Him so that he may transform our lives. He calls to us to listen to Him, and do what He tells us so that He might change us and our world, making it holy and good, full of love, joy , and peace. God is calling you my brothers and sisters. Will you an­swer His call? Satan will try everything possible to stop you, but nothing can stop you from coming to Christ, if you will just get up and Follow Him.

Posted on September 25, 2016 .