A Reflection on Luke 24:36-48: Jesus' Apostolic Appearance

This Post-Resurrection story and the prior story On The Road to Emmaus in Luke 24:1-35, each follow the same pattern of the five (5) E's:

  • Encounter -- failure to recognize
  • Explanation -- interpreting the resurrection through the  lens of the scriptures
  • Eating -- Jesus breaks bread or eats fish
  • Enlightenment -- the disciples eyes are opened, hearts  burn, and recognize
  • Exit -- Jesus departs

Next, as Jesus did at the table in Emmaus, He eats a piece of fish. After all, ghosts do not eat, do they? He continues His explanation by opening to them the Holy Scriptures to show that everything they have learned and taught before His crucifixion led them to this very moment. Interestingly, Luke does not tell us if all of the disciples finally believed. Did their hearts burn as well? Jesus directly tells the disciples that they are to be witnesses. Here, also, is a significant difference with John's account. There is no infusion of the Spirit. Luke makes a significant separation between what happened in that room at the end of the "first day of the week" and what was to happen in an upper room fifty days hence. The Holy Spirit will come, but for now the disciples are given the content of their message. They are to tell of repentance and forgiveness that will come in Jesus' name.

Posted on April 15, 2015 .