Are We Good Stewards? Luke 16:9-15

Today the church celebrates Saints and Martyrs of the Caribbean. I believe all of us are called to be saints, right in our communities, our work places and in our churches.  Too often, we expect people to leap from sinners to saints in a single leap, like Superman is able to leap tall buildings. But I have found more often than not that it is a process, much like anything else. God gives us the means and information and we must take advantage in order to become more like Him. Like soap you have to use it in order to be clean. Our Christian Walk; it is just like our physical walk.  When we were babies, we crawled around on the floor until we learned to walk, but once we learned to walk, we are committed for life, no longer is it acceptable to crawl around the floor.  It is taking God and His Word seriously and living a life that honors and imitates Christ and displays godly character. This life is the responsibility of every individual and we should stop behaving as if life is only here on earth. We need to always keep in mind that we live and do what we want and that we are only being allowed to use the resources that belong to God.  We should never forget that the Psalmist teaches, “The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein".  God owns everything and has entrusted man with its supervision and management. As stewards, we are responsible for and accountable to God for what happens to His Creation.  Each one of us will be required to give an account of our stewardship to God. You belong to God and are His stewards and you cannot serve God and money.  We are to live our lives with eternity in mind. We cannot take money with us, but we can take with us those we have helped bring into the Kingdom of God. And if they go before us, they will be there to welcome us. Let us, therefore use our time, energy and resources to promote the Kingdom of God. You cannot serve God and money. If money and all it entails enslaves us, we will not be able to serve God. Serving God is no part-time job. It requires faithful, and full-time service. It requires honesty and generosity.

When God comes first in our lives, we can then be able to use money to serve Him.  Money can then be used to meet the needs of the needy.  As believers we are to use our wealth, money, resources, energy and talents in this present life with an eye on the future life.  God wants us to use what he gives us to promote the Kingdom of God.  No matter how free we may seem to be, there will come a day of reckoning when our books will be audited.  We will have to account for every penny we have spent, squandered or invested, indeed every minute we have lived.  God has entrusted everything into our care and we are to use it in a way that pleases Him.  We are to use what has been entrusted to us to save others and how well and wisely we have used God's provisions will determine whether we will be promoted or let go.  Are you serving God or money?  We need to answer this question honestly as the answer has eternal consequences.  Today we can make the right decision to let Christ come first in our lives and use money as a means to serve Him.

Posted on November 11, 2015 .