Why was Jesus Baptized?

By His baptism Jesus did several things:

  1. He demonstrated that he was the bringer of the New Covenant. Just as the dove was released from the Ark in the time of Noah as a symbol of hope for a New Covenant, so now the Dove comes from heaven.
  2. The words from Psalm 2:7, which were read at the coronation of every new king in ancient Israel, are reflected in the words at Jesus’ baptism. Jesus is the new king about to begin a new reign, and usher in the Kingdom of God.
  3. Jesus no doubt wanted to show His approval of John the Baptist drive for moral purity hence He got baptized.
  4. The words spoken at the baptism are similar to those found in Isaiah 42:1, the call of the Messianic servant of God. Once again we see His baptism as providing some insight into His person and work.
  5. In Genesis 1, where the Spirit of God is depicted as moving over the face of the old creation, in rabbinical writings on this text is described as a dove. So now at His baptism, the Spirit moves over The One who is the bringer of a new creation, Jesus.
  6. Jesus’ baptism had nothing to do with the washing away of personal sin, (since the Bible is clear that He had never sinned) but rather an offering of Himself in obedience to God for the work and ministry He had been called to do.
  7. At His baptism, God declares Him the long awaited Son.

[An excerpt from Canon Tynes’ book Reaffirming Our Anglican Heritage, pp. 36-37]

Posted on January 10, 2015 .