What is the Purpose for The Season of Advent?


'Advent’, derived from the Latin word Adventus, means the arriving, coming or approaching of a great event or person.  We, as Christians, are urged to stop and reflect, but moreover, prepare for the arrival of Jesus, The Christ.

Many Christians would say that Christ, in the person of Jesus, has already walked the earth so, “Why do we continually observe Advent?” 
Firstly, we as Christians must always be mindful of the countless number of God-fearing persons who longed for the arrival of Immanuel.  Immanuel [or spelt Emmanuel], which means God with us, is the name given to the Christ who was to be the Deliverer and Redeemer of Judah as prophesied by the prophet Isaiah (Isa. 7:14 & 8:8).

Secondly, Jesus has promised that He will return and since we do not know exactly when that time will be [see Matt. 24:36], we should be in a constant state of readiness for His Second Coming.

Therefore, Advent is equated with Christian preparedness and we must ensure that we are equipped to meet Jesus as we digest Holy Scripture and meet Him over and repeatedly through the sacraments of the Church, especially via the Holy Eucharist.

The Anglican Church, intricately immersed in a godly and goodly heritage, has sort to dramatize its Advent season preparedness with the colour of Purple. Why such a colour? Apart from the potential solemnity as in the season of Lent, the colour Purple is often associated with Rank, Authority or Privilege and really means that we as Christians during Advent are preparing to receive a person of the highest rank or authority and as a result, we are so privileged!  So with our churches adorned in purple, it too reminds us that we are apart of a privileged class or family, since we too are joint or co-heirs/heiresses with Christ.  

Posted on December 14, 2014 .