The aims and objectives of the ACM are that the members meet together to strive

  1. to give greater glory to God through prayer, worship, fellowship, study, service and giving;

  2. to enable persons to see Christ in one another through self-disciplined lives and daily witness;

  3. to promote good family life and create among men of the Parish an awareness to be responsible citizens; and

  4. to assist the Clergy, Vestry and other organizations of the Parish by giving of their time, talents and treasures.

2019 Officers of the ACM

President - Deon Johnson

Vice President - Brian Hanna

Secretary - Demetrius Johnson

Asst Secretary - Vernal Bethel


Treasurer - Arthur Turnquest

Asst Treasurer - Lawrence Griffin

Chaplain - Kirk Griffin

The Anglican Church Men of St. Patrick's Parish meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, and observes corporate worship on the 3rd Sunday of every month.